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Painting has the ability to change an ordinary space into a spectacular one. But painting is tough, and finding a time to commit to painting can be difficult. That's what we're here for. Orange Facility Cleaning does so much more then just cleaning. We provide interior and exterior painting services for residents and business owners in and around Brentwood & Franklin, TN. Whether you have a newly-built home, updating an older one, or updating your office, we can get it painted. You'll be amazed at what we can do with a paintbrush.

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What is included in our Painting Services

What is included in our Painting Services

Painting your house or office involves more than just slapping color onto your walls. It requires care, attention to detail and an expert hand. Fortunately, we have all three. Our interior and exterior painting services include:

  • Priming the walls with primer
  • Covering any furniture with plastic
  • Fixing any dings or holes before painting
  • Pressure washing exterior surfaces to create a clean surface

Your home or office will look brand-new again. To book our exterior or interior painting services, call 629-600-4310 now.